About US

In the past 40 years of working in several different fields, it has gotten me to the point where I am today. I can work on so many things. when I was younger I would go with my dad t work in the summer time. he was plumber and a "Mr." fix it guy as well. I was amazed by him. He would take something that did not work, to making it work again.  As a kid between following my dad around I also worked on a few farms and learned how to fix the farm equipment. I also spent time working on Race cars. 

   As I got older I went to wok for a builder for a while,. then went to plumbing for  years. Which lead me to having my own Plumbing/ heating/ Excavating business. But due to hard times in my personal life, I took a job working on Taxi buses and learning a lot about D.O.T regulation. From there I went on to working at a Ford Dealership and a RV Dealership. By this time I had moved up the Mountain and went to work for  heating company, than back to Excavating and back to Auto Repair. With all this, it has lead me to where I am now. Opening my own shop with the ability to work an fix many things from my years of experience.

     Fixing things is like a puzzle. You can have many pieces, some my have less but when you are able to know how to piece them all together it looks awesome.